Due to increased fuel costs we have reduced our free delivery zone as of Oct 2022

The Poly Place offers free local delivery Bunbury to Waroona for all orders over $1000.

We have 2 pick up points 

Harvey and Oakford Equestrian Centre , 


The Poly Place will deliver your tank in the free zone at a pre-arranged time. Our driver will unload and place your tank if the following conditions are met:

  • Your tank pad is complete, correct and ready.
  • The site is safe.
  • Position of the tank pad is accessible to truck and trailer.
  • The truck and trailer is over 20 meters and 2.5 meters wide and will need sufficient area to be able to turn around or back in off the road.
  • Ground conditions need to be taken into account as well; trucks are heavier than cars so will get bogged easily if the area is not sufficiently compacted.
  • Please make sure gates, roads and overhanging limbs from trees are clear to allow safe delivery of your tank.
  • You will need able people to assist the driver in unloading your tank.
    • Up to 4000 Litre tanks – our driver and 1 person
    • 5000 Litre tanks – our driver and 2 persons
    • 9000 Litre tanks – our driver and 3 persons
  • If assistance is not available on delivery, you can pre arrange equipment to unload your tank at your cost.
    If these conditions are not met, or our driver cannot access your property or tank site, your tank will be unloaded at the closest, practical position.
  • Alternatively if the tank cannot be unloaded, you will be charged a delivery fee on the second delivery.
  • The Poly Place can arrange extra personnel but there will be a charge and this is payable before delivery of the tank. This needs to be discussed and organised prior to delivery.
  • Should the tank need to be rolled into position on site, please inform us at time of purchase so that fittings can be done on site (Fittings are normally installed prior to delivery).
  • Any damage caused by the tank being rolled or dragged across the ground will not be covered under warranty.
  • Due to OH&S and the company’s policies, the driver has the final decision whether he can safely unload the tank.
  • The Poly Place takes no responsibility for damage to tanks if the site is unprepared or poorly prepared.