Why choose the
Arena Cones?
Built tough

to withstand Western Australian conditions, with the best available fully UV Stabilised Food Grade Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE).

One Piece Construction

with the roof and walls are moulded as one with no joins or seams, which means no weak points as the product ages.

Perfect Mould

Every PolyPlace product is baked exactly in accordance with the plastic manufacturers recommendations which means that the plastic not only feels perfectly smooth (inside and out) but it will last longer than other similar products

10 Year Warranty

Every PolyPlace product comes complete with a 10 year warranty against faults in workmanship or materials, which means you can be rest assured your investment will stand the test of time.

What some of our clients have had to say about this product

I just wanted to say I love the two hay shacks. Thank you. Much less wastage, stays dry from irrigation and hay doesn’t get dried out from sun. I combined mine with a GutzBusta hay role net.


“With the hay shacks a roll lasts 11 days +. They will pay for themselves very quickly and you will have them for life. They don’t rust or deteriorate at all. In the heavy rain and winds we have had over the last few weeks we didn’t loose any hay in the hayshacks.” (more…)

Steve Hoare
of Rivercrest Park

“Amazing investment, glad I got it sent to Adelaide the extra transport is worth it”

of Adelaide
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